#MCRFW ‘Star Style Competition’

#MCRFW ‘Star Style Competition’

Manchester Fashion Week is on the hunt to find the country’s most fashionable men and women…
…and this could be your chance to get the credit for your amazing style that you deserve!
Every month they will be holding a “#MCRFW Star Style” competition whereby people from all over the country can tweet or instagram and pin their best outfits or accessories. Each post recieved will be automatically uploaded on to their ‘Star Style’ album on faceboook for people to vote for the winner. The person with the most likes each month will recieve an exclusive gift that will change each month with every competition!
To enter this month’s star style competition simply dress to impress and tweet/instagram your best OUTFIT to @mcrfashionweek followed by #MCRFW! Get your friends liking the picture for your chance to win an exclusive Lancome prize!
Good Luck!

Manchester Fashion Week 2012

So here at StyleBlogUK we have some exciting news… blogger JodieRosanna (aka me) has been made an official influencial blogger for #MCRFW 2013!


With this very exciting new role we will be able to keep you updated with all the latest happenings at MCRFW 2013; upto and around the event. So to keep up-to-date with all the latest gossip be sure to keep reading!

This year’s official make up sponsers are the one and only Lancome. Later this month MCRFW will be holding the first official Lancome Make Up Artist school; further info will be released soon via the #MCRFW website and social media sites; facebook/twitter/tumblr.

Each month there will also be the chance to win an exclusive Lancome price and be featured on the “yours fashionably” blog spot on the MCRFW website. Keep posted for more info on the comp and how you can enter!

Tickets will also be on sale sometime in December and we’ll be sure to let you know once a date has been confirmed!

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Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge – Winner Announced

So, the beginning of this month (7th July) saw the Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge take place in Paris. Showcasing the works of designers from all parts of the World including Norway, Pakistan, Canada and the USA this truely was an event to remember, being judged by some of the fashion industry’s top professionals including Barry Laden, Artem Balaev and Olivia Pinnock.
Beautiful models, stunning fashion and amazing styling made the show a night to remember along with the true buzz of tough competition and determination. The show was spilt into 3 simple segments; Past, Present & Future which allowed each designer to present thier different cultures along with displaying their own take on fashion trends.
The event featured 5 designers; Rudy Wolff (Norway), Jamie Ochrey (USA), Kristi Vosbek (Canada), Christine Manthey (USA), and the Nayna Fashion House (Pakistan).
Thanks to the organisers; HYPE Fashions (France) and SYNERGY Events (New York) the show was a roaring success and had an amazing team hard at work behind the scenes including; stylists from London leading a team of British and French make-up & hair stylists, and a whole crew from around the world; a truly international team!
After an amazing show featuring some fabulous designs the judges had a (VERY!!!) tough job cut out for them… They had to pick a winner! They took their time in making this very difficult decision and in the end announced the runners up; Rudy Wolff and Kristii Vosbeck…..         and then announcing Christine Manthey the winner! Winning a trophy and $5,000 USD!
(a well deserved prize)
to see more of Christine’s amazing work why not visit her webpage?

Paris Couture Fashion Week s/s 2013

So, as most of you fashion lovers might have been aware last week was Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week showcasing all the top designers s/s 2013 Couture collections. All the big players in the world of Fashion were there showing us exactly what they were made of and I was personally blown away!

So as a tribute to this amazing event I have decided to show you my favorite collections from each day right up to the Wednesday…

…and it all kicked off on Sunday 1st July with Versace …and boy did they set the bar high!

Day 2… Christian Dior

Day 3… Givency

Day 4… Valentino

 (all images were taken from style.com)

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Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model: New season, new look, new judges

Sky Living has gone all out to for Season 8’s Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. They’ve added bigger names to their judging panel- Tyson Beckford and Whitney Port replace Charlie Speed and Grace Woodward. The production is sleeker with Elle McPherson and her right hand diva Julien McDonald, making it clear they’re on the hunt for a Supermodel.

The Judging panel. From the left: Tyson, Whitney, Julien and Elle.
Sky Living.

Tyson is a natural while Whitney (of US reality TV shows: The Hills and The City fame) seems a little out of her depth during the first half. Throughout the episode Ms Port thaws and eventually voices her opinions on the would-be top models. Perhaps more time is needed for her to settle into her role.

Following the runway challenge NO ONE IS ELIMINATED. Elle can’t make up her mind so she’s taking the girls to Dubai to meet up with the judges for a top model pow wow. Like I said Sky and BINTM has really upped the ante this season.

Moody, aggressive and possibly misunderstood Madeline. Sky Living,

After the commercial break we’re in Dubai and the girls are sunbathing and frolicking on a gorgeous beach. Naturally BINTM is as much about drama as it is about fashion. In a bitching fix between Penelope, Diona, Amelia and Anita moody Madeline is their topic of choice.  The other girls come to the conclusion that she’s aggressive but there to win, not make friends. Cue a sunbathing montage of most contestants, their names and pithy opinions on the top model experience thus far.

Speaking of which, there’s every model stereotype this year – from the bitch and diva to the sob-story and goody two shoes. The only disappointment was the lack of plus-sized models – in fact, most of the girls range from slim to very skinny. Not before long the first tears are shed. Vanessa is having a hard time being away from her 2 year-old daughter. Another mum in the competition, Roxeanne gives her some support and Vanessa admits she’s an emotional wreck.

Feisty and attention seeking Anita. Sky Living

Whether this was an executive decision or top model irony: Madeline is ‘rooming’ with Anita and Penelope so it’s only natural that they argue before bedtime. While I believe Madeline is aggressive, part of me thinks she’s also misunderstood. The next day begins with a bombshell. Contestant, Catherine has left the competition the stress was too much for her. Top Model’s down to 19 before the first photoshoot.The girls finally meet new judges Tyson and Whitney courtesy of Melissa Burton, Managing Director of Goody Goodstuff (an all natural,meat free alternative to traditional gummy gelatine based candy). Tyson’s all business quickly informing the girls of their bikini group photo shoot for Goody Good Stuff.

Then another wave of drama hits.
Vanessa having been away from her daughter as long as she could bear speaks to Tyson and Whitney about leaving-being filmed and hyper stressed had become too much. Tyson and Whitney make no real effort in encouraging her to be brave and stay. Vanessa heads home to Britain. The other girls reveal Vanessa’s burgeoning confidence issues and that the Dubai flight was her first plane ride. Already the show’s down by 2 girls and the cameras haven’t even come out yet.
With no time left to empathize with Vanessa’s situation, the girls begin their Tyson and Whitney directed shoot. The last group of girls-Taz, Leticia, Amelia and Lisa donned in red and white fringed swimsuits were by far the best of the bunch. Each oozed that Sports Illustrated feel.

The Dubai Swimwear Shoot: New judges Tyson and Whitney pick this group as their favourite. From the left: Leticia, Taz, Lisa and Amelia. Sky Living

One thing that I’ve never liked and still don’t is the commentary by Fearne Cotton. It’s unecessary and doesn’t even feature in the mother show America’s Next Top Model. It’s a little insulting. The producers must feel viewers need it to keep up with what’s  going on and that it adds value to our viewing. If not why?!

Moving on. Julien (my favourite judge) visits the girls with an E(lle)mail. He brings a message of dread. The girls will meet Elle for an elimination over breakfast. Nice! Before that- the judges deliberate in melodramatic style under the stars. They take care of business sat in a lantern lit tent complete with fanciful trimmings and a red carpet. Jamie Woon’s Night Air softly plays in the background…for added ambience of course. Fearne butts in to let us know that the judges deliberated long into the night? Right.

Breakfast time.

The girls munch on gourmet beans and toast or it’s equivalent in a ridiculous room with walls of aquariums full of fishes and other sea creatures.

Danielle-first to be eliminated but not the first to go.

Elle tells the girls how difficult the first girl leaving is for her even though it’s the third girl to go. Elle is always so deadpan and emotionless when she says things that require feelings- her acting skills need work. Whatever she says is obviously scripted but she could try a little harder to breathe some life into it. Danielle is sent packing. As she leaves to commiserations from the remaining contestants, Anita takes the time to draw the camera in with a teary-eyed monologue on how much this means to her and how lucky she is to still be in the running. I sense a little attention seeking.

Stand-outs:Madeleine and Anita who have more beef than an Angus cattle, Anne the edgy cropped-hair stunner and the uber sensual Risikat.

This season’s cheesier, more sycophantic, melodramatic and shallow than it’s predecessors. Yet I can’t look away. And now that Game of Thrones has ended my Monday nights need a lil’ bitchy flare.

Next week, BINTM’s still in Dubai for another photo shoot and elimination. The sneak-peak shows more drama to come headlining…Madeline who is clearly the shows go to for some loudmouth action.

Oliver Spencer Menswear Spring/Summer 2013

One of the most prominent British menswear designers of his generation, Oliver Spencer (previously reviewed by The Style Examiner HERE and HERE) unveiled what was undoubtedly one his most accomplished collections in recent years during the inaugural London Men’s Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013. Shown on the fourth floor of an abandoned building in central London that used to house the sorting office for Royal Mail, Spencer filled a room with an attentive audience of journalists, buyers and a number of celebrities from the sports and entertainment arenas.

The collection was inspired by the work of the twentieth century British painter Ben Nicholson and Russian Modernist and Constructivist art in the way that it layered geometric designs and shapes in blocks of colour and tailoring. Muted colours typical of Nicholson’s paintings and the work of Russian graphic designers and artists of the early twentieth century such as grey and taupe coexisted with brighter variations and new shapes were introduced to the delight of viewers.


When Fashion Stops Being a Creative and Regenerative Force and Becomes an Ugly, Pornographic and Commercial Trap

At The Style Examiner, we strive to be guided by the premise that fashion is essentially about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. This should be an ever-evolving personal process that relies on acquiring the knowledge and experience of wearing a garment or accessory in order to make it one’s own and develop an individual and unique sense of style. With this view in mind, we find it very worrying to witness the expansion of mass-produced and mass-consumed fashion retailers whose sartorial concepts and looks rely on exploring fake heritage imagery or the cult of the body beautiful.

It is undeniable that, throughout the history of fashion advertising, promotional campaigns have relied on superficial beauty and sexualised imagery to draw customers into stores. Traditionally, this enticement stops on the shop floor, with brands allowing consumers to experience their products from a personal viewpoint in a purposefully created sense of individuality. However, when brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks openly embrace skin-deep beauty, physical perfection, and sexuality purely to sell basic garments, accessories, skin products and fragrances to teenagers and young adults before, during and after the purchase stage, we cannot help but finding this a very unsavoury development in the fashion world.

Proof of this state of affairs happened on 12 May 2012 in central London. On that day, the British capital was inflicted with the sights of dozens of attractive, well-built and nearly naked young men and women who paraded throughout the city as part of a marketing exercise to celebrate the opening of the flagships stores for Hollister and Gilly Hicks in London. If, on the surface, this revealed a commercially savvy strategy to promote a fashion brand, deep down it was evidence of an extremely problematic and dangerous view of the human body as marketing tool.