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Sarah Stanfield

Guest post courtesy by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton, Fashion Intern

Style Piques

22 years young Parisian Fibleuil Boccara Tony is a member from the gilded youth! Magazine editor Like That, he also holds numerous positions in the closed environment of fashion, luxury agent for new brands of ready to wear, head of communications and public relations, Tony Fibleuil Boccara is now writing for Style Blog UK.

*k come karolina* Fashion Blogger and Freelance Stylist, Roma, Italia

Alizée Lang


Style Pretty selected bits of style, fashion, beauty

Dania Denise, Modeling 101 – A Model’s Diary

Linda Conway is a Dublin based blogger and stylist. Her blog, , The Irish Fashion Revolution has proven to be a out right success with followers from all around the globe.


Sylvia Suyeon Wong

Jodie Rosanna  Model/Stylist

Chloe Louise Proud, Fashion Student Ambassador for The Fashion Network Future Generation Series

João Paulo Nunes, Writer & Editor,


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