Welcome to Mischa’s Place

Mischa Barton at the opening of Mischa’s Place

Actress turned designer Mischa Barton has just opened a flagship boutique in London, Mischa’s Place.  The store is the homebase for her handbag collection (in its ninth season) and for the debut of her clothing and cosmetic line.

Mischa’s Wiltshire Gladstone Tote

Mischa’s Place is described as an eclectic haven of style with Mischa’s signature bohemian influences.  The designer insists her new clothing line is versatile and will appeal to young and old regardless of if they covet her individual style.  “There are some very young pieces, some more sophisticated, mature pieces, and also some quirky stuff that’s more like my wardrobe,” Mischa explains.  Keeping the line cost-effective was also very important to Mischa.  Everything sold at Mischa’s Place is between 12 and 260 pounds.

Looks from Mischa’s line

Mischa’s Place enjoyed a special soft launch last week where guests like James Middleton (Kate’s brother) flocked to the store.  The official opening was last Saturday.  Shoppers were able to meet Mischa, enjoy 10% off merchandise and sip celebratory champagne.

Learn more about Mischa’s Place and shop the looks at www.mischasplace.com or visit the store at 53 Brushfield Street in London!


Lady Gaga Fame

Music and fashion icon Lady Gaga is joining the popular celebrity ranks by adding “perfumer” to her resume.  The controversial star has just released her debut fragrance: Lady Gaga Fame.

Lady Gaga Fame by Coty Inc. is the first ever black eau de parfum.  The juice in the bottle is black, to represent the black soul of fame, but becomes invisible once airbourne.

Fans of Lady Gaga (otherwise known as Little Monsters) grew nervous when their Mother Monster first announced her perfume debut.  She insisted that the scent would contain blood and semen.  Luckily, the final product is actually a fruity-floral fragrance.  Notes of jasmine, honey and saffron surround the central scent of belladona, a deadly plant.

Lady Gaga Fame will be released in three different sizes; the largest being featured in an egg-shaped bottle (reminiscent of her transportation for her Grammy entrance) with a gold claw cap.  Later in the fall Lady Gaga will release auxiliary Black Soap, Black Shower Gel and Black Body Lotion.

True to her nature, Lady Gaga has found a way to turn the perfume world on its head.  By releasing the first ever black eau de parfum, using a deadly plant as her central note and appearing in controversial fragrance ads, Lady Gaga has made the overdone celebrity perfume adventure new again.