Matchy-matchy MAC

MAC Fashion Sets

It seems like every trend has a life-cycle.  Things like leggings, flared jeans and neon brights seem to go in and out of fashion creating trend-recyclers instead of trend-setters.  The latest once-faux-pas to come back into the fashionable limelight is matching make-up.

Most current beauty risk-takes would cringe at the thought of having to match their eye shadow to their lip stick, blush and so on.  After years of dark smokey eyes, bubble gum cheeks and orange lips all on the same face, returning to an all-pink palette seems backwards and boring.  Luckily, MAC’s latest matching trend is anything but boring.

MAC recently released their first permanent Nail Lacquer collection.  It features 30 shades, ranging from pale ivory (“Faint of Heart”) to sparkly green (“Mean & Green”), and 3 finishes, Cream, Frost and Pearl.  The polishes come in a unique cylindrical tube and promise no-streak/no-chip technology, UV protection and enamel conditioner. The complete collection can be viewed here.

These Nail Lacquers are featured in MAC’s nod to matching make-up: their Summer 2012 Fashion Sets.  The Fashion Sets are 3-piece mini-collections of matching Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer.  The interesting thing about these Fashion Sets is the products chosen to go “mini” are based on popularity by geographic location.  MAC created 4 different world collections: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe & Africa and Latin America & Middle East.  Each world collection has 7 palettes to choose from based on which colours have traditionally sold best in the respective areas.  Some of the palettes overlap but each region has a few unique shades that are exclusively available to their MAC customers.

MAC’s Fashion Sets in “Russian Red” and “Myth”

The North American line has a bit of everything: “Myth”, an ivory nude, “Chestnut”, a deep brown, and “Girl About Town”, a striking bright pink.  The Asia Pacific sets seem to include more peach/pink tones with a few bright stand-outs such as “Impassioned” (bright pink) and “Morange” (bright orange).  Hues from the Europe & Africa line cover every end of the spectrum from subtle nudes (“Spice”) to vampy crimsons (“Russian Red”).  The final world collection, Latin America & Middle East, sticks to a variety of pink and red shades like the blush coloured “Snob” or bubble gum hued “Pink Nouveau”.  The complete collections can be viewed here.

So far MAC’s Fashion Sets have received mixed reviews.  Fans of the best-selling hues are eagre to try out the accompanying Lipglass and Nail Lacquer but are not always satisfied with the results.  Some have reported that the Nail Lacquer matches better with the Lipstick or the Lipglass or that it doesn’t match at all!  It’s difficult to get a consensus as the reviews change with the different palettes.  However, it seems most consumers are generally satisfied with the quality and colour of the Fashion Sets.

MAC Fashion Set “Pink Nouveau”

Which Fashion Set have you tried or are you dying to try? Did the Nail Lacquer end up matching the Lipstick/Lipglass?  If you’re ready to help the matching make-up trend get back on its feet, let me know your thoughts on Twitter @RianaAutumn or in the comments below!


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