Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge – Winner Announced

So, the beginning of this month (7th July) saw the Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge take place in Paris. Showcasing the works of designers from all parts of the World including Norway, Pakistan, Canada and the USA this truely was an event to remember, being judged by some of the fashion industry’s top professionals including Barry Laden, Artem Balaev and Olivia Pinnock.
Beautiful models, stunning fashion and amazing styling made the show a night to remember along with the true buzz of tough competition and determination. The show was spilt into 3 simple segments; Past, Present & Future which allowed each designer to present thier different cultures along with displaying their own take on fashion trends.
The event featured 5 designers; Rudy Wolff (Norway), Jamie Ochrey (USA), Kristi Vosbek (Canada), Christine Manthey (USA), and the Nayna Fashion House (Pakistan).
Thanks to the organisers; HYPE Fashions (France) and SYNERGY Events (New York) the show was a roaring success and had an amazing team hard at work behind the scenes including; stylists from London leading a team of British and French make-up & hair stylists, and a whole crew from around the world; a truly international team!
After an amazing show featuring some fabulous designs the judges had a (VERY!!!) tough job cut out for them… They had to pick a winner! They took their time in making this very difficult decision and in the end announced the runners up; Rudy Wolff and Kristii Vosbeck…..         and then announcing Christine Manthey the winner! Winning a trophy and $5,000 USD!
(a well deserved prize)
to see more of Christine’s amazing work why not visit her webpage?

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