OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection


If you want an instant wardrobe update, what’s the easiest way to do it? Well how about nail varnish? Nail varnish comes in so many different colours and they are perfect for bringing your wardrobe from Winter to Summer. I know, how can such a tiny thing such as the colour of your nails affect your look? Just think about it for a second, if you saw a Goth moping around without their black nail varnish then it just wouldn’t be the same, it would definitely look like something is missing. So now it’s time to paint your nails and if you’re bored with all your usual shades, what better than a new shade to brighten up your day and your nails?

OPI have come out with a new collection of shades inspired by the superhero Spider-man. The collection is called “The Amazing Spider-Man Collection” and it consists of 7 shades including a shatter polish.


‘My Boyfriend Scales My Wall’ is a slightly greyish white.


‘Your Web or Mine?’ is a bit a salmon pink with a pearl finish, not really sure about this one…


‘Call Me Gwen-Ever’ is a coral orange and very pretty indeed, perfect for summer!


‘Number One Nemesis’ is metallic gunmetal grey with gold particles. Great for a night out.


‘Just Spotted the Lizard’ is a greenish gold and almost identical to Chanel’s Peridot.


‘Into the Night’ is a pearlescent deep blue. Very attractive shade, you may need to apply quite a few coats to get a really deep blue.


And last but not least, ‘Shatter the Scales’ is a very dark forest green with little bits of silver glitter. This is best applied over lighter shades for obvious reasons.


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