Kate Middleton’s Style File

We have watched Kate Middleton’s style develop over the years and you really can’t deny how far our Duchess has come. Kate Middleton certainly proves the idea wrong that the older a women gets the less attractive she becomes. I’ll admit Kate has had a lot of style ‘misses,’ however that’s all in the past. Ever since William and Kate became engaged, Kate has hit every style note and kept very much in tune. How does she do it?!



With such a hectic schedule Kate really doesn’t have time to mess around with her hair and makeup, so she keeps it simple and sticks to what she loves and what works for her. Her hair and makeup is always very natural but beautiful, she looks human unlike most celebrities which makes it easy for people to relate to her and imitate her style. Rumour has it she does her own makeup, and even did it for her wedding!

As for the Duchess’ wardrobe, it is made up of clothes and accessories from the high street right up to luxury designer pieces. Her style is very accessible, with every high street outfit she wears selling out in seconds. There have been quite a few people who have come out and decided to attack her for wearing high street and high fashion, well what do you expect her to wear? She’s married to a prince! None of us want the future Queen of England running around in high-waisted denim cut-offs and a crop top, which doesn’t exactly portray a great image of Britain. No matter what anybody says the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, hair and makeup is very appropriate for her role and she always looks fabulous!

Now let’s take a look at some of Kate’s best looks over the years…




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