Let the Fashion Games Begin!

As the London 2012 Olympics creep closer and closer (just over 50 days till opening ceremonies!), fans all over the world are uniting to cheer on their home teams from the stands, the sidelines or in front of their TV screens.  The world’s top athletes are preparing for the Olympic Trials and training like never before.  While we’re all gearing up for the games, an epic Olympic battle has already taken place on the global fashion stage.  Clothing designers faced off to put their best work forward on the backs of their country’s best.  The top 3 winning looks? Team GB vs. Team USA vs. Team Italy

Team Great Britain

Stella McCartney for Adidas

The home-country athletes will be representing their UK pride in a sports kit designed by the incredible Stella McCartney.  She teamed up with Adidas, a partnership she has had for over five years, and began working on the line two years ago.  Her official Olympic uniforms feature a navy blue base, with hints of red and light blue based off the UK flag.  “I made the flag less strident, more delicate, but then of course I had to be careful not to over feminise the men,” McCartney explains.  In designing the line, Stella asked the athletes if they thought looking and feeling good would enhance their performance and they all said yes.  “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sport,” McCartney says.

Team GB tank top by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney was also appointed the Creative Director for Adidas’ Team GB lifestyle collection.  Now fans of the Olympics and Stella McCartney can get their own garb to support the UK team.  The line features athletic t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, skirts, jackets, bags and shoes in the UK colours of navy, off-white and red.  The signature Team GB t-shirts and tank tops are sure to be flying off the shelves and onto the backs of everyone in London. To see the Adidas Team GB lifestyle collection click here or here for all your London 2012 shopping needs.

Team USA

Ralph Lauren for Team USA

American athletes will be outfitted by long-time Olympic wear provider Ralph Lauren. Lauren’s line is very true to his style of classic, preppy and golf course/yacht club appropriate.  The clothing ceremony outfits are more formal than expected and feature white polo shirts/dresses, white pants and hats.  There are also hints of navy and red to round out the American flag colours.  Lauren is slowly releasing his styles for the opening ceremonies.

Personalize your own Ralph Lauren Team USA polo dress

Ralph Lauren also offers a consumer version of his Olympic collection so fans can get in the spirit of the games.  The line features his traditional polo shirt and dress as well as tees, tanks, bags and pins.  Lauren was sure to include his signature polo horse to all the pieces in his consumer and athlete collections.  The consumer collection, limited edition pins and the ability to personalize your own USA Olympic wear is all available on Ralph Lauren’s website.

Team Italy

Giorgio Armani EA7

Last but not least, Italian athletes will be representing their country in Giorgio Armani’s sleekest work to date.   Armani differs from his US and UK counterparts by using navy and red, instead of the green, red and white of the Italian flag.  Armani is also not designing the competitive uniforms of his athletes, unlike McCartney, but outfitting them before and after their events.  About designing his collection, Giorgio Armani said it was an “intriguing to step out of my fashion comfort zone.”

Giorgio Armani with Team Italy

Italian Olympians will be given a set of Armani luggage filled with 50 pieces of the EA7 Olympic kit.  The pieces will include shorts, polo shirts, warm-up gear and the asymmetrically-ziped official tracksuit.  “I am very patriotic. Commitment and sacrifice are important values, and they are key to sport and the Olympic ideal,” Armani says.  For more on his collection, as well as a presentation video visit the EA7 website.

The fashion heavyweights have faced off but the verdict is still unclear.  Perhaps the final decision won’t be made until the athletes are standing proudly on the podium.  Regardless of who takes home fashion gold, as Giorgio Armani says, “I am very honoured to participate with these great colleagues. This will be the most fashionable Olympic Games ever.” Yes it will!

Which team do you think looks best? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @RianaAutumn


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