Twice as Trendy

Fashion mavens Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have recently added to their clothing portfolio by releasing a line of affordable high street wear through Stylemint.  Their Spring/Summer 2012 collection features colourful tees, basic dresses, asymmetrical skirts and comfy cardigans.  Not only are the pieces versatile and stylish, but nothing costs more than 25 pounds.

Mary-Kate and Ashley began as child TV stars, both playing Michelle Tanner on the popular sitcom, Full House.  From there the girls starred in their own movie series, television shows and music releases.  These spawned successful clothing, make-up and home decor lines.

A skirt and dress from the Olsen collection for Stylemint

In recent years, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become known for their business sense and fashion style.  Their successful clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, sell out quickly to their eager fans.  They’ve recently released a line of shoes in collaboration with Steve Madden and a women’s line at JC Penney.

While it’s obvious this trendy twosome are icons in the fashion world, it’s rare to find child stars that have enjoyed such steady success and found ways to successfully branch off from film/television.  Based on their past fashion collections, I’m sure their new affordable line with Stylemint is sure to be another sold-out success!

To shop their new line click here.

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OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection


If you want an instant wardrobe update, what’s the easiest way to do it? Well how about nail varnish? Nail varnish comes in so many different colours and they are perfect for bringing your wardrobe from Winter to Summer. I know, how can such a tiny thing such as the colour of your nails affect your look? Just think about it for a second, if you saw a Goth moping around without their black nail varnish then it just wouldn’t be the same, it would definitely look like something is missing. So now it’s time to paint your nails and if you’re bored with all your usual shades, what better than a new shade to brighten up your day and your nails?

OPI have come out with a new collection of shades inspired by the superhero Spider-man. The collection is called “The Amazing Spider-Man Collection” and it consists of 7 shades including a shatter polish.


‘My Boyfriend Scales My Wall’ is a slightly greyish white.


‘Your Web or Mine?’ is a bit a salmon pink with a pearl finish, not really sure about this one…


‘Call Me Gwen-Ever’ is a coral orange and very pretty indeed, perfect for summer!


‘Number One Nemesis’ is metallic gunmetal grey with gold particles. Great for a night out.


‘Just Spotted the Lizard’ is a greenish gold and almost identical to Chanel’s Peridot.


‘Into the Night’ is a pearlescent deep blue. Very attractive shade, you may need to apply quite a few coats to get a really deep blue.


And last but not least, ‘Shatter the Scales’ is a very dark forest green with little bits of silver glitter. This is best applied over lighter shades for obvious reasons.


Oliver Spencer Menswear Spring/Summer 2013

One of the most prominent British menswear designers of his generation, Oliver Spencer (previously reviewed by The Style Examiner HERE and HERE) unveiled what was undoubtedly one his most accomplished collections in recent years during the inaugural London Men’s Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013. Shown on the fourth floor of an abandoned building in central London that used to house the sorting office for Royal Mail, Spencer filled a room with an attentive audience of journalists, buyers and a number of celebrities from the sports and entertainment arenas.

The collection was inspired by the work of the twentieth century British painter Ben Nicholson and Russian Modernist and Constructivist art in the way that it layered geometric designs and shapes in blocks of colour and tailoring. Muted colours typical of Nicholson’s paintings and the work of Russian graphic designers and artists of the early twentieth century such as grey and taupe coexisted with brighter variations and new shapes were introduced to the delight of viewers.


Graduate Fashion Week: Chloe Jones takes home Gold

Graduate Fashion week, the most-awaited moment that every fashion student longs to be a part of, has once again ended and it will not be back again until the beginning of June 2013.

Just in the space of a few days, the fashion world gives graduates a huge platform for them to showcase their amazing talents and creativity, which they are then judged on to win numerous awards. This ranges from ‘Best Womanswear’ and ‘Best Menswear’ collections, to the ‘international’ award. This year, the judges and presenters consisted of Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Bailey, Matthew Williamson, Daphne Guinness, Daisy Lowe, Caroline Flack and many other industry experts and celebrities.

So, who is the new British fashion designer you should be keeping your eye on? Chloe Jones, a student from Bath University. Not only did Chloe grab gold over 1,000 other graduates, she also won two awards at the Graduate Fashion Week Gala, held on the 13th June. One being ‘Best Womenswear’, and the other, the ‘Gold Award’, sponsored by George and worth £20,000, for the best student collection of 2012. Chloe’s collection ‘Our Father Who Art In Heaven’ consists of beautiful, chiffon full-length skirts, matched with grey, sporty hoodies. Ok, it may sound like a weird mix, but they strangely complement each other.

This will not be the last you hear of the talented Chloe Jones, as previous Graduate Fashion Week winners have hit the fashion industry hard and have left an unmovable mark. The previous Gold award winner, Rory Langdon from Nottingham Trent University, is currently living in Italy and is working on the knitwear design team for Max & Co. and has also been approached by the likes of Burberry.

Great opportunities will be presented to Chloe Jones in the next few months, as it is just the start of her career.

Chloe Jones, Winner of the Graduate Fashion Week George Gold Award

“The Little Black Jacket”

Before the LBD (Little Black Dress) there was the Little Black Jacket, made famous by none other than the House of Chanel.  This classic sophisticated jacket has served as an iconic fashion piece for Chanel for years.  Now the fashion statement has become a work of art.  Under Karl Lagerfeld’s visionary eye and Carine Roitfeld’s styling, “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited” features photographs of celebrities, models, writers and the like all wearing the LBJ in their own personal style.

Kanye West in Chanel’s Little Black Jacket

Each photograph in the coffee table book showcases an icon interpreting Chanel’s classic in their own unique way.  Singer or designer, male or female, A-list celeb or friend of the photographer, all of the 113 models wore the same identical jacket but no picture is exactly alike.  From male participants like Kanye West and Alexander Wang bringing their own swag to the traditionally female piece to Yoko Ono rocking the jacket with a top hat and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing it in place of a hat, each photo so represents the individual it’s hard to believe it’s the same jacket.

Earlier this month, Lagerfeld opened an exhibition in New York City to showcase the photographs in “The Little Black Jacket”.  “The Little Black Jacket” is available for pre-sale now and is due to be released later this summer.

Yves Saint Laurent’s New Manifesto Frangrance

Yves Saint Laurent has created a new perfume called Manifesto to add to their women’s fragrance line. Manifesto is described as being “spontaneous and free-spirited” and features notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, blackcurrant, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and Tonka bean, sounds like a very delicious scent indeed!

The lovely Jessica Chastain will be the face of this new fragrance which will launch this August in France and across Europe in September. For all you across the pond in America, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till 2013 for this fragrance to hit your shelves. For those of you who don’t have a clue who Jessica Chastain is, she’s the hot new redhead gracing our screens in films such as “The Help” and “The Debt”. Here’s what Jessica has to say about it all…

“Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that inspires me deeply. Since its creation, the brand has conveyed strong values that I cherish, such as unwavering commitment, absolute love and feminine audacity,” Chastain said. “This new fragrance is the emblem of it all. I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful adventure.”

Kate Middleton’s Style File

We have watched Kate Middleton’s style develop over the years and you really can’t deny how far our Duchess has come. Kate Middleton certainly proves the idea wrong that the older a women gets the less attractive she becomes. I’ll admit Kate has had a lot of style ‘misses,’ however that’s all in the past. Ever since William and Kate became engaged, Kate has hit every style note and kept very much in tune. How does she do it?!



With such a hectic schedule Kate really doesn’t have time to mess around with her hair and makeup, so she keeps it simple and sticks to what she loves and what works for her. Her hair and makeup is always very natural but beautiful, she looks human unlike most celebrities which makes it easy for people to relate to her and imitate her style. Rumour has it she does her own makeup, and even did it for her wedding!

As for the Duchess’ wardrobe, it is made up of clothes and accessories from the high street right up to luxury designer pieces. Her style is very accessible, with every high street outfit she wears selling out in seconds. There have been quite a few people who have come out and decided to attack her for wearing high street and high fashion, well what do you expect her to wear? She’s married to a prince! None of us want the future Queen of England running around in high-waisted denim cut-offs and a crop top, which doesn’t exactly portray a great image of Britain. No matter what anybody says the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, hair and makeup is very appropriate for her role and she always looks fabulous!

Now let’s take a look at some of Kate’s best looks over the years…