Caramelo Hits the UK!

I don’t know about you but I love it when a new brand arrives on the scene, especially European brands. Don’t get me wrong, edgy British brands are fantastic but sometimes you just need that chic, exotic European brand to spice up your wardrobe. Recently we’ve seen a lot of European brands opening stores in the UK, we all love a little change of scenery and if you can’t escape to Paris, why not dress like you’re there, right? Let me introduce to you the Spanish brand Caramelo, who have decided to cross the channel and to build a little Caramelo empire in the UK. So far they have set up shop with their flagship store on Regent Street, London. Caramelo also has several other stores popping up in House of Frasers up and down the country. Currently, the brand is available in House of Fraser stores in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Norwich, with 25 more outlets to come.

So what’s so great about this Spanish brand? First of all, Caramelo caters to both men and women, which would make for a very stylish couple indeed and we all love a stylish couple! Caramelo is elegant, sophisticated and classic, and who can really say they don’t want those words to describe their style? Take a look at their summer collection to see, I promise you will not be disappointed. Caramelo is a versatile brand that is suited to men and women of all ages; it is the perfect smart-casual brand. So if you’re more Zara than Topshop, if you’re more Mad Men than Gossip Girl, then I suggest you have a look at Caramelo and head to their store for some European Elegance! You can check out their lookbook here, and for updates on where they’ll be showing up next in the UK follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page.


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