“Please Cannes we look like them?”: Fashion at Cannes film festival.

As well as being involved in an array of fantastic films, many of those that attended Cannes Film festival 2012 also showed the public they can dress as well as act. With its worldwide coverage and countless celebs, the annual event inevitably brings with it an element of fashion, but this year was one of the hottest yet. A-Listers graced the red carpet wearing only the finest of attire and below are just a few of the most-talked-about stars and their outfits.

Diane Kruger particularly caused a stir in Nina Ricci.

Supermodel Heidi Klum in a glamourous black number.

Shia LaBeouf looks cool in some pale blue.

Just some of the best dresses at the event. From left to right: Freida Pinto, Diane Kruger, Jessica Chastain and Eva Longoria.

A suited-up Tom Hardy looked dapper.

We can only imagine what to expect next year, but 2012 has set the bar pretty high!

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