The Ultimate Festival Welly Guide!

Here’s how the celebs do it!

Ladies, the festival season is upon us and it’s time to start shopping for your perfect festival wardrobe, and what is the most essential item for any festival goer? Your wellies of course! With all this rainy weather what better time than now to buy your perfect pair of wellington boots. Haven’t you noticed that most of us are just settling for the traditional pair of wellies, even the fashionable Hunters have become a little ordinary looking. Fashion, especially festival fashion, is all about standing out, being individual, wearing what you want and pushing the boundaries, and a great pair of wellies is the perfect place to start.

Wellies are becoming increasingly fashionable and edgy with many designers opting to include rain boots into their footwear repertoire; Lacoste, Diesel, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors even Chanel has been at it. There are all kind of wellington boots out there and people aren’t just wearing them at festivals, yes they are wearing them out in the street. Wellies aren’t just for little kids splashing in puddles anymore (although we secretly wish it was still socially acceptable for us to do that). Check out these fashion forward wellies that you’ll actually want to wear and not just need to wear…


Colour has been very popular on the runway, whether its pastels or brights, everybody is wearing some colour. Taste the rainbow and be bold in these coloured boots:


Don’t we all love a bit of print? Again Prints have been rampant on the runway; floral, digital, Hawaiian, animal, you name it. You’ll be glad to know that you can continue your love for print with these wellies:


When you think about wellies, laces don’t really come to mind do they? We love our wellies because they easily slip on and off, and you feel invincible because you can walk through mud and water without a care in the world. Don’t worry these are still care free, the laces are just for decoration.


Everybody has been going hard-core with lots of studs and buckles on their shoes and various other items of clothing. When you’re at a music festival don’t you just want to look like a rock star too? Go grunge with these wellies and bring out your inner punk rocker.


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