Cut On Your Bias

Cut On Your Bias is a New York based website that allows consumers and designers to collaborate in order to create unique pieces in womenswear, menswear and home furnishings.

How it works: each week, an established designer releases limited edition fashion items, specifically made for Cut On Your Bias.  Then, the power shifts.  Members have the opportunity to vote on their preference for silhouette, fabric and colour.  A week later, the winning final design is revealed, and consumers are able to purchase the item they helped to create.

Cut On Your Bias is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to get more involved in their fashion choices, without having to pull out their own sewing machine.  Consumers now have the privilege of saying they helped to design their own outfit.

Christine Alcalay’s womenswear to-be-designed by you!

Cut On Your Bias was launched in February 2012 by CEO Louis Monoyudis.  Monoyudis has been designing menswear for the last decade for brands such as Calvin Klein, John Varvatos and Tommy Hilfiger.  Monoyudis’ idea to launch Cut On Your Bias occurred when he decided to launch his own menswear line.  Overwhelmed by all the choices, Monoyudis and his friends decided it was time for the consumer to get involved.

About his inspiration for Cut On Your Bias, Monoyudis says, “The most exciting aspect of being a designer is the selection of silhouette, fabric and color. Why not allow consumers to take part in that process and engage with their friends online while doing so?”

Hyden Yoo’s winning menswear designs ready for purchase!

Thus far, Cut On Your Bias has worked with menswear designers Carlos Campos and Hyden Yoo, womenswear designers Bhon, Hyden Yoo, Christine Alcalay and Heike Jarick,  and accessories/homeware designers Graf & Lantz, Artware Editions, Moss Photography, Inigo Elizalde and Title of Work Neckwear.  Designers have released everything from skirts and dress shirts to tables and rugs for consumer collaboration.

Consumers can participate by visiting  and signing up with an email address or through Facebook.  Once signed in, members can vote on silhouette, colour and fabric of the fashion items of the week.  Cut On Your Bias keeps a record of your designs and lets you know how many of your designs won the popular vote.  A week later, you can view the winning design and purchase it.  You are also able to view and purchase winning designs from past weeks.  Fashion and homeware items are delivered 8-12 weeks after pre-ordering.

For more information or to start collaborating on the next best thing in your wardrobe, visit

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