Louve Paris is a new brand created by Laure Guérard

Louve Paris is a new brand created by Laure Guérard and it was during the Press Day that StyleBlogUK.com discovered her first collection.

A collection of contemporary and feminine where the distinction is on the cup. When other brands assembles various tissue to create an outfit, Laura works in a unique way bringing new life in this sphere saturated.

Work with clean, minimalist dresses made of one piece and is used to discover a method of work that reflects an expertise in sewing.

The woman wants pure wolf, but in this sophisticated and smooth, each pieces that blend together.

Collection Laure Guérard is showing up very extensive and thus offers various rooms including double metal dresses, coats of “origami”, double and asymmetrical dresses, overcoats, shorts, bodysuits, jackets

Tones are the main idea of ??purity.

Photo Credit: Alexander Guirkinger


By Tony Fibleuil Boccara


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