Anne Valerie Hash

Become unavoidable, the brand Anne Valerie Hash has become a style, a way of life … Every Fashion Week, the fashion world arrives to attend one of the most sophisticated and show trends in the world of ready-to-wear! During her show in March, the brand presented a collection with breathtaking pace and when the suit is of order, the woman Anne Valerie Hash brings her touch, her identity as an independent in a society dominated by the wage gap between men and women. The suit is intended masculine and feminine, a play on the asymmetry of the tuxedo jackets that put values in the curves of women. Also in themetaphorical side, the collection also sign the return of transparency mainly to the high turtlenecks. Skirts are interwoven with a touch of both contemporary and Japanese urban women. Anne Valerie Hash has married subjects including bringing the glamour, we note that the offset is still topical and in Anne Valerie Hash it can be in different colors and materials. For over 10 years the brand has won wardrobes of fashion addicts some figures as pieces of must-have to get this fall.

by Tony Fibleuil Boccara


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