We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday…

So summer’s just around the corner, & no matter how many bikini’s you’ve got tucked away from last year there’s just no chance you can resist the temptation of updating your collection… well I know I can’t!

Personally I think everyone has a bikini type they know & love! Everyone knows their body shape, & just like clothes certain bikini styles suit some body shapes more than others. I realised this a couple of summers ago… After years of sticking with your classic triangle style bikini, I purchased my first strapless bandeau set & never looked back. It was amazing how I felt instantly more comfortable & confident in the strapless style bikini that showed just as much flesh as the triangle one but was definitely more flattering for my body shape! I know bandeaus aren’t for everyone, but for me I don’t even glance at a triangle bikini anymore… Luckily now most stores offer their bikini designs in a variety of different styles catering for all the different body types out there!

The great British highstreet is a brilliant place to find a massive selection of on trend swimwear designs at an easily affordable price range! Not only do stores supply a variety of styles for each trend & design but the majority sell bikini tops & bottoms separately which is perfect as there are definitely not many people out there who are the idealistic proportions for each size, & there is nothing more unflattering & annoying than a bikini top that is gapping or bikini bottoms that sag! Also for me, I’m a pain! I’m generally a size 8 but I cannot stand it if bikini bottoms are snug or tight or dig in, in the slightest… So I always buy a 10, unless there adjustable tie bottoms (although I’m not a massive fan of them)! Actually I think I am probably one of the fussiest shoppers when it comes to swimwear ever, so if a bikini ticks all of my boxes it must be a worthy contender to be in your suitcase this summer!

So, there are a few swimwear designs that I think are a must have for any holiday wardrobe. A plain bright bikini has to be a staple of any bikini collection! Simple & effective it can transform any of your holiday cover ups & bring them bang on style especially with this summer’s hot neon trend, & it will also make your tan look amazing! Next there’s your animal print design! I’m a leopard print lover anyway but I think an animal print bikini can look gorgeous & glam on anyone! Animal print is a trend that never dies, whether its leopard, tiger, zebra, one or all of them grace our catwalks every season, especially combined with other key trends of the season such as the gorgeous bright colour palettes you can find some amazing designs! Your floral bikini is another must have, be it bright, bold, graphic flowers or vintage, delicate designs there’s a floral style out there to suit everyone’s taste! Finally the tribal trend (of some interpretation) is one which comes round every summer season, so you cannot go wrong with a tribal bikini. Be it in monochrome or a bright, clashing colour combo, you will definitely find a tribal bikini in my suitcase for this & many summers to come!

A hot trend for this summer which seems to have transferred amazingly into swimwear is the ombre/tie dye design. When combined with the seasons popular bright colours the styles are to die for (especially the pink/purple Miss Selfridge one shown below)… I will be purchasing one of these beauties in time for my holiday this summer!

Here are some of my favourite highstreet finds (as soon as pay day comes I will be purchasing them all… a girl can never have too many bikinis!) …enjoy!

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