The Spring/Summer Dress

As it is spring, the weather is starting to warm up a bit, but don’t be entirely fooled by the sunny skies. Be practical, April is known for its ‘April Shower’s’ so remember not to forget to bring a jacket and maybe even an umbrella for those not-so-hot days. But moving onto better and exciting things, the spring/summer dress! Choosing the right spring/summer dress maybe difficult but not to worry; this spring there are a few classic and new styles for you to find your preference!

Valentino Dress

Prada Dress

Louis Vuitton

Printed dresses are a classic spring/summer must have; from the elegant flower prints, to the exaggerated loud casual prints.

Long flowy chic flower print dresses made an appearance at the spring/summer Valentino fashion show, which emulated a Victorian high neckline style. An affordable equivalent would be Free People floral side split maxi dress available at asos.

For louder playful prints shown at the Prada show, topshop has a nicely priced equivalent to make those boring workdays more amusing and exciting!

Maybe printed dresses isn’t the style you are in search of, another trend-setting style this spring/summer is candy floss coloured dresses, as seen on the Louis Vuitton spring/summer show. If you’re looking for fresh pastel coloured dresses that will brighten up your wardrobe, you should try Tessa Belted Lace Detail Shirt Dress available at Boohoo.

How to style each dress to each season is important; as it is still spring the weather is still a little bit dreary, wearing a stylish jacket may add to your dress’s exquisiteness. To give your preferable dress an edge why not opt for a leather/biker jacket and some boots. Or if this style is your everyday work look try a tailored blazer to create that office-girl chic appearance. Transitioning the spring look into a summer, you may want to lose the jacket and replace it with a cardigan or perhaps not wearing anything but your dress for those steaming hot days (fingers crossed)! Whatever dress you choose to wear this spring/summer be sure to remember what the weatherman says!


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