Lets Have a Pyjama Party

So, I don’t know about you guys but I’m not usually one for bright colours and busy patterns. However, this season I’m totally in love with the new Pyjama Trend (especially floral prints). There’s just something that seems to attract me to wearing matching tops and bottoms, a sort of nostalgia from being a child… having the freedom to wear matching clothes and one pieces and no body caring…

…accept now we can do it and its fashionable!

I first became caught up on this trend when I saw this s/s 2012 outfit by designer J.Crew…


And then it wasn’t long before I started to notice all my fav celebs joining in the Pyjama Party and I became totally inspired…




Bip Ling


Florence Welch


Caroline Sieber


Stella McCartney

Being totally caught up on this trend I took it upon my self to search the depths of the online high-street to bring you what I feel are this trends top buys.



River Island




Lilac Tropical Denim Jacket £45, Lilac Tropical Denim Shorts



Navy Digital Print Blazer £45, Navy Digital Print Trousers £35


Buttercup Crop Top £22, Butterup Shorts £22



Floral Print Shirt £29.99, Floral Print Shorts £29.99


Floral Print Shirt £29.99, Floral Print Short £29.99

Hopefully, if you love these pieces as much as I do we’ll soon be seeing a mish mash of colours & patterns walking around on the high street. I know I shall be jumping on the band wagon soon enough…Have fun shopping!


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