Afrodisiac …

The second fashion show by designer Eva Gabarra was a cultural experience and because the collection is a mixture of baggage from Africa and the West.

The show took place during the Women’s Day today which shows the woman is always called upon to fight prejudices and subtlety in the choice of this date, Eva Gabarra shows that today’s woman knows what she wants, independence came from two completely different continents but it has one purpose to highlight the woman on cuts, ethnic materials. One that has created its mark in 2005 and who juggles between Germany, Paris and Africa is a virtuoso in his field.

Paris, Champs Elysees, the designer presented colorful dresses playing on the printout, the bodice, the length on the silhouettes of models in slinky outfits but also more structured dresses with more volume and choice of materials such as mouseline, the tule, cotton … reflecting an African fashion and who wants Western Afrodisiac.

By Tony Fibleuil Boccara

Creditphoto: Jean Pierre Palot Cayol

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