Jack Spade London Store

American menswear brand Jack Spade has selected London as the location of its first European store. With seven stores in the US and one in Japan, this is the ninth Jack Spade store in the world since the brand’s original shop opened on Greene Street in New York City in 1999.

The London store is located at 83 Brewer Street in the new mixed-use building Quadrant 3 in London’s Soho. It is also strategically close to prestigious and historical commercial areas of the British capital, such as Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus.



Let’s get Graphic

So this week it’s all about the Graphic Tee!

It seems that the graphic printed t-shirt is quickly becoming a massive trend in men’s fast fashion and everyone is having a go at producing them… from designers such as Comme des Garcons (available in Selfridges) to high street brands such as Topman there is most definitely a tee out there for everyone!

It’s not just the everyday brands that have caught my eye though… it’s the new, fresh up-and-coming brands, focusing on creating graphic printed tees, sweats and hoodys.

So, just for you fashion concious guys out there I’ve put together a list of my favorite graphic tee brands of the moment. Take a look and tell me whet you think, and if you’ve got any new brands I haven’t mentioned be sure to let me know!

Hope you enjoy…


Featured Brands Include:

Serge DeNimes


Friend or Faux

New Love Club


Age of Aquarius

Worn by

Long Clothing

…and remember just because these tee’s are aimed at guys it doesn’t mean us girls can’t invest in them too! I’m particularly loving the Long Clothing selection of tees as they’d make a perfect t-shirt dress teamed with some funky tights and a pair of docs.

Festival Fever

This years festival season took off with an amazing start at the Californian festival Coachella. The fashionistas flooded in at their thousands setting the bar high for this years festival fashion and after keeping on top of all the gossip I have well and truely caught Festival Fever!

Take a look at some of my favorite festival goers, captured at the first weekend of Coachella and featured on refinery29.com…





refinery29.com refinery29.com


It seems that everyone is following  a bohemian, hippy trend this summer; cut off shorts and wide brim hats are a must-have… and that famous floral trend also seems to be making an appearance!

If all this festival fashion talk has put you in the mood for preparing your summer wardrobe then why not feast your eyes on my favorite festival outfit?

…all available to buy on the great British high street.

American Apparel Wool floppy hat


Topshop Bird print pyjama jacket


H&M Fringed top


Urban Outfitters Destroyed denim shorts


American Apparel Girly lace ankle socks


All Saints Bonny cuban boot


Urban Outfitters Brown fringe bumbag


Happy Shopping!

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Charlie by Matthew Zink: The Hedonistic Glamour of Swimwear

Because of our busy office lives with a never-ending number of emails to read and telephones ringing constantly, we tend to dream of holiday plans and seek solace and inspiration in travelling to exotic destinations. As we looked into the best swimwear to pack for a holiday in the sun we came across the label Charlie by Matthew Zink and got immediately seduced by its vibrant colours, simple geometric patterns and tailoring, and connotations of glamour and hedonism associated with the 1970s.


Vogue Italia Racist? I Don’t Think So.

 The purpose for this blog post is to defend the idea that Vogue Italia was being racist with their ‘Haute Mess’ editorial.  If you haven’t seen it I suggest you have a look and draw your own conclusions.  In a nutshell, it features some of today’s most famous models, photographed by Steven Miesel, looking a bit over the top to say the least.  The models wore outrageous hair adorned with skittle wrappers and baskets, crazy fingernail art, and overexagerrated makeup.


Personally, I think to accuse the Vogue Italia of racism, is unfair and unjust.  I myself am an African American woman and in no way did I see myself in any of these photos.  Nor did I have the idea that they were poking fun at African American culture.  In an interview with New York Magazine, Vogue Italia Editor, Franka Sozanni, explains that one of the inspirations was based on drag queens and I do not understand why that is so unbelievable.  I can clearly see the correlation of the hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race; a competitive reality TV series that sets out to find America’s next top Drag Queen.


Let’s just say that Vogue Italia was exploiting ‘ghetto culture’, is it any different from what the fashion industry has been doing?  Using aspects of pop and ethic culture to sell clothes, magazines, etc has always been apart of the business.  There have been plenty of Hip Hop editorials done by top fashion magazines; which I wouldn’t necessarily deem as being flattering portrayals. Yet, I wouldn’t say that they were being racist.  My time spent studying fashion in London and working in the fashion industry in Berlin, revealed some start truths about how Europeans from their opinions on African American culture.  The main one being that the European ideal of what is going on in America is based highly on Hip Hop videos, Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich reruns. Also, the level of racial sensitivity is not the same.  I’m not saying this makes it right, but that’s just the reality of the situation. 

 Cinhte                                       Vogue

Recently, the production team from the Steven James Scott Studios based in LA,  put together an editorial piece entitled “Chola.” Chola is a term used to refer to young Latina women from the less than glamorous neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  The photos show a young lady dressed in Dickies, big earrings, white tank top, with big hair and heavy makeup and basically the reader is invited into a day of her life.  The piece, which was produced independently, was picked up by LadyGunn Magazine and was featured in their latest issue. 

pictures courtesy of www.ladygunn.com

Already bloggers are hitting back with the same accusations that have been made against the Vogue Italia issue.  One blogger accused LadyGunn magazine as using stereotypes to sell magazines.  When I asked Photographer and Art Director, Steven James Scott, what his purpose was he stated, “I wanted to show these young women and their style as a thing of beauty.  In no way was I trying to poke fun at their style or this aspect of Latina culture.” Bottom line is, no matter how subcultures are portrayed, someone will always find it offensive.   



Louve Paris is a new brand created by Laure Guérard

Louve Paris is a new brand created by Laure Guérard and it was during the Press Day that StyleBlogUK.com discovered her first collection.

A collection of contemporary and feminine where the distinction is on the cup. When other brands assembles various tissue to create an outfit, Laura works in a unique way bringing new life in this sphere saturated.

Work with clean, minimalist dresses made of one piece and is used to discover a method of work that reflects an expertise in sewing.

The woman wants pure wolf, but in this sophisticated and smooth, each pieces that blend together.

Collection Laure Guérard is showing up very extensive and thus offers various rooms including double metal dresses, coats of “origami”, double and asymmetrical dresses, overcoats, shorts, bodysuits, jackets

Tones are the main idea of ??purity.

Photo Credit: Alexander Guirkinger


By Tony Fibleuil Boccara

Anne Valerie Hash

Become unavoidable, the brand Anne Valerie Hash has become a style, a way of life … Every Fashion Week, the fashion world arrives to attend one of the most sophisticated and show trends in the world of ready-to-wear! During her show in March, the brand presented a collection with breathtaking pace and when the suit is of order, the woman Anne Valerie Hash brings her touch, her identity as an independent in a society dominated by the wage gap between men and women. The suit is intended masculine and feminine, a play on the asymmetry of the tuxedo jackets that put values in the curves of women. Also in themetaphorical side, the collection also sign the return of transparency mainly to the high turtlenecks. Skirts are interwoven with a touch of both contemporary and Japanese urban women. Anne Valerie Hash has married subjects including bringing the glamour, we note that the offset is still topical and in Anne Valerie Hash it can be in different colors and materials. For over 10 years the brand has won wardrobes of fashion addicts some figures as pieces of must-have to get this fall.

by Tony Fibleuil Boccara