MOTO Supersoft Leigh Jeans… Wow!


Within two weeks of discovering these amazing jeans in Topshop I am the proud owner of two pairs & I will never look at another pair of jeans in the same way ever again!

I have always struggled with finding jeans that fit me properly around my legs, bum and hips… all at the same time! I’ll find a pair that fits my bum perfectly yet is big around my legs or visa versa. I also have major issues with when you have had jeans on for a couple hours & they start to go baggy around your bum & knees… just leaves me feeling scruffy! So I have to admit in the last couple of years I’ve stayed pretty clear of jeans since jeggings took off on the highstreet I’ve tended to opt for them… But as spring/summer styles were hitting the shops I fell in love majorly with the key coloured denim trend & these just didn’t have the same effect in jegging styles! That was when Topshop saved the day! The first pair I purchased were in dirty raspberry with a turn up at the bottom. I found them in store & they felt so soft & light I thought I mays aswell try them on, not holding out much hope after years of jean disappointment! But in the changing rooms I could of actually cried with happiness, they fit amazinly, everywhere, perfectly! I seriously don’t know how I managed to stop myself from buying them in every colour there & then!

At only £38 they are a fab priced, waredrobe essential! I have already brought them in the marine colour too & I will definitley be stocking up on many more colours to get me through this season & many more to come! Topshop you have done me proud!

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