Edit your Closet

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Keeping a well cordinated wardrobe should be a priority for anyone serious about fashion. Every fashion piece needs to be treated with respect. The toss on the floor and forget about it method may be convienient but it won’t be doing you any favours. So with winter finally left behind and summer in sight, its prime time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Here are some tips to maintain a well-kept curated wardrobe:

1) Categorize Take all your clothes out and divide them into seperate piles depending on color, type of clothing, occasion etc. Whatever works for you.

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2) Its a general rule that jackets and coats should be hung on sturdy hangers, jeans and blouses should be folded and shoes/socks should be kept in pairs.

3) Find out which clothes aren’t being used. Here’s a useful way of finding out which clothes you actually wear and which ones you don’t. Turn your coat hangers the other way around. If you take a piece, place the hanger back to its correct position. Then in a few months time, review which hangers remain facing as they originally were and consider letting go of them.

4) Make an effort to iron blouses and dresses. Creases can make an otherwise sophisticated piece look cheap. If you are short on time, here’s a handy tip: Put a hanger holding your garment on the doorknob while you take a shower, the steam will naturally decrease the wrinkles.

5) remove Dust. Once in a while, it doesn’t have to be too often but it would certainly help, hoover the bottom of your wardrobe to keep dust from collecting. Otherwise, you could always invest in a lint roller.

6) Don’t discard your shoe boxes. Take a picture of your individual shoes and stick them on the outside of the boxes to identify them. This will not only store your shoes well but also eliminates the hassle of rooting through all the boxes to find one specific pair! (Personal experience talking)

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7) Maximise your closet space by investing in those IKEA hanging or pull out storage containers. They can truly make a difference to a small closet.

8) Color code. Buy cheap stickers and stick them on the side of the hangers to make categorization easier and to keep you from putting them in the wrong area after taking them out.

9) Familiarize yourself with your inventory. Keep a list inside your door of all the clothes you have to make life easier when it comes to reminding you of what you have and what you’re missing.

Hope these ideas have helped. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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