Boni Caro “Love in a Box”

Boni Caro is a brand that provides a new gifting concept. Fashionable, trendy and quality accessories are hand-picked, sold at affordable prices and presented in the Boni Caro™ gift box. Each Boni Caro gift box can be personalised with a message from the buyer to the recipient. With a gift box that is both the gift and card our products are sure to make a beautiful gift for loved ones.

Boni Caro will be an official sponsor for the Miss London and forthcoming Miss England event. A limited edition will be launched in the near future in conjunction with Karen Karmody – Award winning designer for the Miss World Contest. Our brand will also be featured monthly in Superstar magazine and a product selection has already been allocated for celebrities to wear.

“I attended London Fashion Week wearing Boni Caro’s accessories and so many people loved it! They were all asking me about it and where I got it from.”
Alka Makwana
Fashion Editor, Superstar Magazine

Alka is a Fashion and Celebrity Journalist, Stylist and TV Presenter. She has worked with many companies including Vogue, Glamour, and Superstar Magazine. She has a real passion for all things entertainment so keep logging onto Superstar Magazine for all the latest news and gossip in the glamorous world of showbiz!

“As a fashion designer for celebrities and beauty pageant contestants I have always wanted to launch a jewellery line that would both suit and compliment my collections. Although I have been approached by many jewellery and accessories brands, it was Boni Caro’s unique gifting idea and affordable luxury concept that impressed me. This is why I made the decision to launch our current limited edition collection with Boni Caro”.
Karen Karmody
Fashion Designer

Karen is an award-winning designer of high fashion and ready-to-wear dresses. Her designs are highly sought after and desired by beauty pageants such as Miss England and Miss World, and Karen regularly dresses high profile and celebrity clients.

For More Information or to Buy, please visit the Boni Caro website


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