The woman Paul & Joe

This season we can count on Sophie Albou designer brand Paul & Joe that after 60 years revisited, we prepared and casual chic outfits to address the Indian summer. The autumnal tones of ocher, red, gold round off the look of a “dandy” men and “working woman” for busy women.

A choice of material is appropriate for frequent fashion and wide trousers in velvet, printed camouflage, oversize coats for men & women, lace, satin, wool … such will be your wardrobe this fall 2012.

Paul & Joe is listed as one of the most influential brands in the fashion world and gives the look very casual and sophisticated urban women in our Paris, London and New York.

Discovery of small backstage, we discover the full creative interview, a buffet, champagne, cake … of distinguished guests including our dear friends Brice Compagnon or actress Melanie Laurent.

It is of course impossible to greet my dear friend Adrian Albou, one of the brand ambassadors.


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