When Fashion Meets Infographics

As we know, Fashion Week is a hectic time and given the multitude of shows and blogs reporting on them, it gets hard to keep up (not to mention it happens in 4 different countries). Sure, we can read Vogue articles or daily Tweets to keep up with the individual shows, but how do we get a clear and concise overview of an entire week’s worth of designer shows?

Using the concept of the infographic, a social media tool that presents complex statistics in simple visual form, Editd is a site that finally helps accumulate and analyse data for any given Fashion Week.

For example, here is London Fashion Week broken down:

As you can see, a brief overview is given at the top of the page which is followed on by section after section of graphs that chart popular trends, designers, looks and tweets from the Front Row.

Editd does not only focus on Fashion Week though, they do infographics charting fashion through a particular season or the whole year.

Aside from producing infographics, the site also offers a number of services and platforms for fashion companies to engage with. In short, it’s kind of like a full-fashion Facebook Insights.

Even if you’re not a retailer, brand or supplier of fashion, Editd is a clear indicator of how social media analytics has become integrated into the Fashion sphere and therefore is a platform we should take notice of.

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