Brighton to Tokyo

This week I’m totally in love with Ben Sherman’s s/s 2012 menswear range! This following set of images have been taken as part of a collaboration with Dazed & Confused magazine where by ‘real’ men have been chosen from Brighton to Tokyo (hence the Title) to model Ben Sherman’s new collection.

I feel this collection truely represents British style… its all about looking smart and slick whilst staying true to traditional British tailoring. The funky prints and bright colours make these garments completely modern and edgy…


The above shirt is an absolute favorite piece^^ it instantly reminds me of the British sea side …and as for the colourful stripes, well is anyone else craving a stick of Blackpool rock?

If you’re really feeing the colourful vibes this shirt would look just the part teamed wih these brightly coloured chinos (available in an array of colours at

Have fun shopping!


H&M’s 2012 Conscious Collection

Hitting stores in just two weeks time, H&M furthers their ‘Green Fashion’ initiative by releasing the second year installment of their eco-friendly Conscious line, focusing on sustainable sourcing and organic materials such as organic cotton and hemp as well as recycled polyester. And to top it off, they’re making Eco FashionGlamorous‘.

This year the fashion retailer are including Red Carpet inspired formal attire along with the standard green-themed tees and sundresses. Speaking of Red Carpet, celebrities have been promoting the line on the sly without you even noticing!  For example, you might have recognized the blue short suit set on Amanda Seyfried quite recently.  Michelle Williams has also been snapped wearing a custom H&M gown that will be featured as separates in the collection. I’ve selected a couple of looks that have impressed me (see above) but the full lookbook can be seen via TeenVogue. The collection launches in stores on April 12th but is limited to 100 stores, worldwide. So for the mean time, have fun plotting your speed-shopping raid strategy and I’ll see you in the queue!

Natasha Lawes is London based designer & artist, a theatrical hybrid in make-up, hair & tech-effect costume pieces.

Natasha Lawes is a London born and trained designer and artist. She trained at Chelsea Art College and The London College of Fashion and has since then worked as a make-up, hair and special FX designer for numerous advertising campaigns, film and beauty/fashion magazines, music videos and musicians.

Natasha also designs and makes tech-effect costume, creating everything from Giant angel wings, a 16th century Pompadour wig for AK damm Beer, a blossoming flower headdress for Beefeater Gin, to a futuristic inspired mask and post apocalyptic costume for musician Sylver Tongue.

Natasha has always worked with Swarovski Crystal and has made diamante and Pearl masks for Kylie Minogue, Lady Ga Ga, a crystal corset for Smirnoff, and created beautiful golden crystal pieces dripping off the shoulders of Anna Calvi.

Other Tech-Effect work examples include the ’Brintons Seasons Advertising Campaign’ where Natasha created costumes & headdresses out of Brintons carpet following in the footsteps of Vivienne Westwood who did the campaign over 10 years ago.

Natasha also takes inspiration from nature, making antlers and costume for Goldfrapp and Bat For Lashes, a butterfly mask for Kelis and Susie Bubble, also a beautiful winged headdress for Ladyhawke.

One of her recent projects was to make-up and create head pieces for 18 mannequins for Harvey Nichols and their Spring/Summer collection.

Natasha’s techniques are always innovative, using an array of materials and fabric, including leather and metal. She also uses unusual materials such as found objects, taxidermy, dried flower and leaves to create elaborate, innovative pieces.


1.  What sparked your interest in Make-Up, Hair & Tech-Effect Costume? 

My father was a scenic artist working for the theatre, English National Ballet & the Royal Opera House, so when I was a little girl, I was always surrounded with theatrical fabrics, haberdashery & props. One day he brought home some old school theatrical stage make-up, they looked like crayons. I had a great time putting it on, but it wasn’t so easy taking it off

2.  Tell me about working as a Fashion Make-Up & Hair Artist in London?

London is such a great place to be, very inspiring and amazing opportunities for work contacts. But there are a lot of people trying to do the same jobs so you really need to keep improving & promoting yourself

3.  How would you describe your make-up style?

The important thing when I do make-up, hair or tech-effect costume for a singer, performer or celebrity, is to help them bring out their own style. I create bold and beautiful looks, sometimes with an unusual twist. For make-up looks, I love a smoky, sultry cat’s eye with winged eyeliner and beautiful lush lashes. It is always flattering and makes a statement. I also like using things like Swarovski Gem stones to adorn the face. One of the most inspirational images for make-up for me is the Man-ray photo ‘Glass Tears’.

4.  How do you compare shooting in the studio to on location – any preference?

Working in a studio is much more of a controlled environment, so if you need to create & maintain a very technically challenging look, it’s always easier. On location you often have to deal with the wind ruining your hair, or the cold reddening the skin. But depending what the job is, you do get to see some amazing locations and I have no problem running after a model on a beach on a swimwear shoot in the Maldives with suntan lotion.

5.  What do you love the most about your job?

I love it when you get in a ‘creative zone’. Whether I’m in my studio by myself making a mask or headdress, or creating a make-up look, when it all comes together & everybody is happy with it, it is very enjoyable & therapeutic. I also get to work with amazing musicians, performers and actors that I have so much respect for, it is very inspiring.

6.  What are the top three things you like to do when you have free time?

I don’t have much free time, but when I do I like to watch films or theatre, go to art galleries (I highly recommend Yayoi Kusama at the Tate Modern at the moment), and go out for dinner.

7.  What is the most important factor in making a good image?

For me, the most important factor in making a good image is to create a strong, graphic composition, that tells a story in a nutshell. Make-up, hair, costume, photography and lighting all need to work together. I work in advertising where this is so important and I love album artwork and iconic images of musicians & artists.

8. Which fashion designer inspires you?

There are so many fashion designers that inspire me for different reasons and occasions. At the moment Iris Van Herpen really inspires me with form and structure (Bjork is dressed by her for her Biophilia Album). Basso And Brooke always inspire me with their amazing prints & colour.

9. Which make-up artist inspires you?

The make-up artist Serge Lutens continuously inspires me with his beautiful make-ups and elaborate, theatrical body artwork.

10. Which photographers inspire you:

Pierre et Gilles always inspire me as amazing all round images makers, the make-up, costume, the sets, the graphics, it’s like entering a magical world from another time gone by. Nick Knight is also inspirational by taking you into a surreal dimension with a sense of what the future may hold for us.  It’s all about story telling.

to see more of Natasha Lawes work, please visit

MOTO Supersoft Leigh Jeans… Wow!


Within two weeks of discovering these amazing jeans in Topshop I am the proud owner of two pairs & I will never look at another pair of jeans in the same way ever again!

I have always struggled with finding jeans that fit me properly around my legs, bum and hips… all at the same time! I’ll find a pair that fits my bum perfectly yet is big around my legs or visa versa. I also have major issues with when you have had jeans on for a couple hours & they start to go baggy around your bum & knees… just leaves me feeling scruffy! So I have to admit in the last couple of years I’ve stayed pretty clear of jeans since jeggings took off on the highstreet I’ve tended to opt for them… But as spring/summer styles were hitting the shops I fell in love majorly with the key coloured denim trend & these just didn’t have the same effect in jegging styles! That was when Topshop saved the day! The first pair I purchased were in dirty raspberry with a turn up at the bottom. I found them in store & they felt so soft & light I thought I mays aswell try them on, not holding out much hope after years of jean disappointment! But in the changing rooms I could of actually cried with happiness, they fit amazinly, everywhere, perfectly! I seriously don’t know how I managed to stop myself from buying them in every colour there & then!

At only £38 they are a fab priced, waredrobe essential! I have already brought them in the marine colour too & I will definitley be stocking up on many more colours to get me through this season & many more to come! Topshop you have done me proud!

Edit your Closet


Keeping a well cordinated wardrobe should be a priority for anyone serious about fashion. Every fashion piece needs to be treated with respect. The toss on the floor and forget about it method may be convienient but it won’t be doing you any favours. So with winter finally left behind and summer in sight, its prime time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Here are some tips to maintain a well-kept curated wardrobe:

1) Categorize Take all your clothes out and divide them into seperate piles depending on color, type of clothing, occasion etc. Whatever works for you.


2) Its a general rule that jackets and coats should be hung on sturdy hangers, jeans and blouses should be folded and shoes/socks should be kept in pairs.

3) Find out which clothes aren’t being used. Here’s a useful way of finding out which clothes you actually wear and which ones you don’t. Turn your coat hangers the other way around. If you take a piece, place the hanger back to its correct position. Then in a few months time, review which hangers remain facing as they originally were and consider letting go of them.

4) Make an effort to iron blouses and dresses. Creases can make an otherwise sophisticated piece look cheap. If you are short on time, here’s a handy tip: Put a hanger holding your garment on the doorknob while you take a shower, the steam will naturally decrease the wrinkles.

5) remove Dust. Once in a while, it doesn’t have to be too often but it would certainly help, hoover the bottom of your wardrobe to keep dust from collecting. Otherwise, you could always invest in a lint roller.

6) Don’t discard your shoe boxes. Take a picture of your individual shoes and stick them on the outside of the boxes to identify them. This will not only store your shoes well but also eliminates the hassle of rooting through all the boxes to find one specific pair! (Personal experience talking)

via cutoutandkeep,com

7) Maximise your closet space by investing in those IKEA hanging or pull out storage containers. They can truly make a difference to a small closet.

8) Color code. Buy cheap stickers and stick them on the side of the hangers to make categorization easier and to keep you from putting them in the wrong area after taking them out.

9) Familiarize yourself with your inventory. Keep a list inside your door of all the clothes you have to make life easier when it comes to reminding you of what you have and what you’re missing.

Hope these ideas have helped. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section.


a current affair.

Attending this weekends vintage pop up marketplace, A Current Affair. Each event is a unique opportunity to shop rare and one of a kind items. Vintage items from the likes of Givenchy, Azzedine Alaïa, Balmain, Chanel, Chloe, and many more will be available at this weekend shopping event to be much more than average. You can still buy tickets at their website if you want to attend which will be held at the Cooper Design Space in downtown LA. Let me know if you go!

| a current affair website |

By Marie Hamm