Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012: Christopher Bailey Makes It Rain on the Runway

I’ve spent my entire 4 day weekend following the runway shows from London Fashion Week.  I have to admit that the collections, in comparison to New York, haven’t had me very excited.  I do, however, have some favorite looks from the catwalk, which I will share with you in a later post.  On Monday,  I was able to catch the live stream for Burberry Prorsum.  For the first time since the kickoff of LFW, my heart went a flutter.  I thought the collection was very nice.  It included a bejeweled owl jumper and different variations of the famous Burberry trench fitted with  bow tie and fox head clasp belts.  Studded gloves and clutch bags popped up a few times; along with the quintessential British hat; the flat cap.   Waist puffer jackets were all the rage and lots of oversized handbags.  I’m a sucker for a small cinched waist and a handbag that looks as though you should be going away for the weekend or boarding an airplane.

Overall, the feel of the show made me nostalgic for my days living in London as a student. The gray skies, the pale faces, fish and chips, bitter cold, and last but not least, the one man pub crawls.  Will I Am, from the Black Eyed Peas made an appearance looking very dapper in a cream Burberry trench out lined in black with matching finger-less driving gloves.

In spite of all this the most impressive part of the entire show was the producer’s ability to make it rain on cue.  Just as the last model disappeared behind the stage, there was the sound of thunder and rain began to pour slowly down the glass walls of the venue.  Following this was the final walkthrough with all the models holding umbrellas sashaying (yes I said it) down the catwalk shielding themselves from what appeared to be a rain like substance.  If you don’t feel like watching the entire show, I encourage you to at least watch the last few minutes of the video.  I found the entire pomp and circumstance very magical and entertaining.




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