Vera Wang explored the relationship between hard and soft, structure and fluidity in her Fall 2012 collection. Like many of the collections this season, Wang’s clothes had a distinct architectural feel via artful prints and super-structured outerwear. On the flip side, dresses were sheer and made of flowy chiffon, a softness that she countered with sparkly tops resembling armor (very pretty armor that we might want to wear out at night). Big coats were a win — many of them had oversized hoods and big fur collars that made them look like positively yummy options for Winter. With Vera’s innate talent for constructing insanely beautiful dresses, we paid special attention to her eveningwear options, particularly one pale blue dress of layered chiffon and organza that, with a slip underneath, might just appeal to the celebs in the front row, including Viola Davis, Maria Sharapova, and Leighton Meester.

  • Trends: Architectural prints, sculptural silhouettes, sheerness.
  • Colors: Gray, black, camel, a gorgeous dutch blue and bright orange for contrast.
  • Key Piece: The coats with big hoods and oversized collars; a dutch blue organza dress.
  • Accessories: Big wedge booties and boots looked futuristic but were also a bit heavy.
  • Who Would Wear It: With Leighton Meester, Maria Sharapova, and Viola Davis in the front row, you can assume a diverse group of women might be attracted to Wang’s artful sensibility here, but overall it’s geared to women who don’t want the classics.

by Noria Morales New York Editor, FabSugar


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