Pardon My French by Garance Doré Studio

Garance Doré Studio collaborated with the website NET-A-PORTER to broadcast Pardon My French, a series of mini-episodes describing Garance and her team’s routine during the Fashion Week.

Garance, who usually stays behind the lens, starts to appear more often in front of the camera. Indeed, last December we could have discovered her dancing the Madison for her second collaboration with the famous French brand Petit Bateau.

A few days ago, she gave us a foretaste of Pardon My French by publishing on her blog an uncluttered teaser with an incidental music style Marie-Antoinette at Versailles.

In the first episode of Pardon My French, we meet Garance looking really natural with her famous bun, scurrying along the street with the aim to not miss a shot and recounting us her latest collaboration with Kate Spade. She also shares with her followers a part of her private life and tells us about her coffee addiction, because Garance drinks a lot A LOT of coffee.

Garance spotted roaring with laughter at the terraces of New York coffee shops; having as well a friendly conversation with Caroline the fashion director and publisher of Tank.

If you like Garance Doré, Fashion Week and New York let’s have a look at the first episode whilst eagerly anticipating for the next ones.

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