Scandal, buzz, masterpiece the week trendy of January wears a simple name : ” Franck Sorbier ”

On January 25th 2012, the fashion’s editor as well as numerous celebrities had come attend the fashion show of the famous fashiondesigner, the street Danou just a step from the place Vendôme in Paris. A spectacular crowd of photographers waited impatiently in the room and this impatience turned out justified because as the indicated on the ground of present celebrities in front row and the creativity that shows the designer throughout these collections, the collection is a masterpiece.

Dresses among which the skin-tight longline bras and the long skirts sign the collection and which by the various materials make officially one of the most creative parades. Some linen, some cotton of fresh butter, furthermore, some resin, some translucent fiberglass of the materials which few creators use in the Fashion design.

But the designer has created a buzz among the public at the NRJ Music Awards January 28, 2012 in Cannes, when the French singer Shy’m appeared in one of the designer dresses showing those breasts in front of millions of viewers. A dress who make a tribute to the Venus de Milo, but breeds discontent of housewives surprised to see the singer also stripped. With this strong buzz that rocked many conservatives, Franck Sorbier ensured visibility and got good reviews from the press. An art that is no longer reserved to the oligarchy and the tone.


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