Rebecca Minkoff Collection at Mercedes-Benz NYFW F/W 12

Morning all Stylebloguk readers. Today will my first post onto the site and so let me start by saying Oohh Rebecca Minkoff!

I always have a little niche in my heart carved out for RM for her bags, but also for her apparel and ready to wear clothing, and looking at F/W 12 she didn’t disappoint me 🙂

Californian born and bred Minkoff has always been sewing or designing something, and so she did what every other designer dreams of doing and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dream. Now i could go on and on about the early years and the famous I Love New York T-shirt trend that has been following her since 2001, but i will try and focus on my goal – NYFW

Now it’s always nice to see a designer that has branched out into other avenues and it’s just increased their success, and Minkoff has been fortunate enough that people climb over each other trying to buy up her bags, clothes and accessories. I’m not sure what many women did before the morning after bag was around?

Anyway i digress again…. NYFW saw the F/W 12 collection by Minkoff in which she got to show off alll the avenues of her creativity

Photos taken from

We have highlighting the ‘jewel-tone brocade biker jackets and celestial sequined pants,’ as well as noticing the ‘On-trend, oversize boyfriend blazers with dropped shoulders.’

You may not be able to see it on these pictures but all the models were given special manicures enlisted by Heaven Spa for Essie. Obviously staying close to the colour palette of choice, the models were given a french manicure with a twist – a double strip of colour accross the top of the nail which looks lovely. Full explanation of this and more can be found on the Minkette blog and on the blog is a link to Cult of Pretty which is where images can be found of the runway hair, make-up and nail looks can be found. I for one will be trying this look, although my results may differ, especially on my weak hand haha.

My favourite looks of this runway show are the two pictures below: that means large pictures 🙂

This print pattern is almost kaleidoscopic and yet at the same time looks like a painting on a moving canvas, i would not only kill for this piece, but would love to know where the concept came from as its just beautifully stunning.

Photos taken from

This last piece i don’t know which piece i’m drawn to more…. I think it’s the trousers (pants for the americans) as the shape, cut, colour and belt detail just work wonderfully for me.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear Photo taken from

It’s always nice to see the designer enjoying herself and so i will finish this piece with a picture of the fabulous Minkoff standing with Theophilus London

Enjoy and please like or leave comments so i can get to know you all

FrostinatorFashion xx

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