Black is the New (____).

I have owned both this jacket and these boots for quite some time now and I am so happy I finally got a chance to shoot them. I have acquired so many garments over time that when I really dig in, I find some amazing gems that I had forgotten about or sink to the back end of my closet. The jacket is Wayne and is a faux bird feather and leather jacket. I bought it for myself for my birthday last year (who else buys themselves birthday presents lol). The boots are Jean Michel Cazabat that I got from Barneys and a site to see in real life; thigh high and crave attention (which is why I’m scared to wear them…).

Its been a long day of work but tomorrow I get to play dress up with one of my great friends, Natty as we stroll through the streets of Beverly Hills. Im glad it stopped raining and I am looking forward to blue skies on my day off.

photos by: leva ann


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