Vintage Valentine

Today’s inspiration obviously comes from the fact that Valentines day is fast approaching, and with everyone rushing to buy gifts and flowers and what not, take a little time for yourself and think about sprucing yourself up with a cute little outfit you can wear on that special day, whether you have a significant other or not. Yes, I have one of those, but I think of this day as more of an opportunity to just look extra cute instead of focusing on getting roses or going out to dinner. Since when do roses make you look pretty anyway? Maybe they add a little flair to your table for a week but thats it.

This first picture above is a little vintage inspiration with a few pieces I have put together. The heart print dress is from ASOS and I just put an adorable little lace skirt from Forever21 over the bottom skirt of the dress to add something a little different, added a gold belt from GAP to bring it all together and voila!

Play around with your outfits, just because the stereotypical colors of Valentines day are pink and red, that does not limit you to wearing just those colors. I just chose this dress because I thought it was extra cute and I am obsessed with hearts. Just as long as you feel good in what you are wearing, do it! No matter the color.

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